Sing Street (2016)

Sing Street

ชื่อเรื่อง: Sing Street
ประเภท: ชีวิต / เพลง
กำกับโดย: จอห์น คาร์นีย์
นักแสดงนำ: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo ,Aidan Gillen ,Maria Doyle Kennedy
ค่ายภาพยนตร์ : FilmNation Entertainment
วันที่เข้าฉาย: 30 มิถุนายน 2016

In south inner-city Dublin in 1985, the Lalor family has some problems. Patriarch Robert (Aiden Gillen) is struggling with his architecture practice and his marriage, and drinks and smokes to excess. At a family meeting, he announces that in order to save money he is taking the film’s protagonist – youngest son Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) – out of his expensive fee-paying school and moving him to a free state-school, which Robert asserts is of equally high repute, Synge Street CBS. Conor’s elder brother Brendan (Jack Reynor) ribs him about the change as well as about the state of the family unit.